Saturday, July 07, 2012

Two things for 2012

Naysayers say its the end of the world, but for me, 2012 has been very positive, particularly right when I became 33. On my birthday, I got called for an interview (I know, big coincidence). I was ecstatic, I finally had a chance to move up in my design career. Fast forward, skipping past all the panic attacks before the interview, I was surprised to have the best interview in my life, and that sure wasn't me. That was Allah ta'ala helping me out for sure. So, that leads to item number one. I got the job! Alhamdulillah!

Next, I've always been driving an aging car, mostly because its fully paid, its cheap to maintain, and well, budget wasn't on my side to fit in a new car. Lately, the car has been having more breakdowns, and I've spent a lot of money and time trying to get the car back running. I almost wanted to get a new small car just to get a car thats reliable. Then, the new job came in, and so I had extra to get a sedan. I started practicing Law of Attraction (LoA) to get this car, and I finally obtained it two years later. Its amazing how doa + LoA works. It was always the question of when, and judging from my track record with LoA, it works.

So, I know haven't been posting much, just letting my readers (if you're still around) know, life has been treating me well so far, Qeeb is growing up healthily and I'm ok generally, alhamdulillah.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I want a Moleskine Sketchbook to add to my ARTsenal

Talk about a punny title. Anyway, HELLO! this is my first post of 2012, and hopefully many more. Its been awhile since I've been writing, let alone blogging, so bear with me. Well, Emila (of the popular blog) is hosting a Moleskine giveaway at her blog, and I since I've been wanting to try out Moleskine, I thought, what the heck, let me make a blog post!

The famous art store, CZipLee store in Bangsar stocks these Moleskine, and they are generously sponsoring these 'books for Emila's giveaway. I personally know that you can get anything to do with Moleskine at CZipLee, as I've left a drop or two (a glass) of drool there. So, if you want to purchase Moleskine here in Klang Valley, CZipLee is the place to go. Or you can purchase online via CZipLee Lite.

So, lets get straight to the point, why would I want to grab a Moleskine Sketchbook to add to my art weaponry? Here goes:

Reason 1
The endless advertisements on Emila's blog on Moleskine has raised my awareness about this particular brand of elite sketchbooks that I am weak and I must get my hands on a Moleskine Sketchbook. It is imperative that I must have this in my bag wherever I go.

Reason 2
Why the Sketchbook, not the Watercolour Album? While I love the feature of the all-white, and mixed media compatible characteristics of the Watercolour Album paper, I think I'm still at the stage of drawing with pen and pencil. Unless Emila proves otherwise

Reason 3
It is perfect for my new year's resolution! For 2012, I said to myself I wanted to become a professional illustrator, since I know that's my passion. Don't get me wrong, I like graphic design, but it can get really boring when you don't really get artistic freedom. A Moleskine Sketchbook, with its excellent paper material, would be a great addition of tool for my quest to become professional. Some proof that I've been sketching below (LOL):

Waiting in McDs (pencil sketch)
Sketched this up in McDonald's SkyPark.

Qeeb's Portrait - pencil practice
Qeeb's portrait. Made him look older accidentally.

What was supposed to be Robert Deniro LOL
It was supposed to be Robert Deniro. Ah well. Still good practice haha.

Heart Shaped Container sketch #sketch #drawing #sketchaday #pencil #stilllife #instagram #instagood #art #iphoneography #iphonegraphy
Heartshaped Box. First time using pencils again.

Reason 4
Recently, I have bought a pencil set for sketching and several inking pens of various sizes and colours to kickstart my uphill battle of being better at drawing. Its just natural that Moleskine Sketchbook comes into my hands. Its law of attraction I tell ya!

New set of pencils! #iphoneography #squara #fabercastell #pencil
New pencils! Woohoo! Not so new now. Duh..

My Kryptonite. Hope this is a wise investment.
Pens galore! I couldn't resist buying them while at Popular Bookstore.
Reason 5
The brand. The look and feel. The outer appearance. I mean, I won't lie, these Moleskine sketchbooks, journals, folios, bags, glasses, limited edition notebooks and so much more just screams appeal and I'm a sucker for elegant black stuff. They just look classy, every single time I browse through them in CZiplee, Borders, and an arts and crafts shop at the Curve which I can't recall the name. The guy there, after knowing that I'm in advertising, says that Moleskine just looks good to show off in front of your clients. Yup, I understood what he meant. Maybe someday when I service my own clients.

Reason 6
The price. Moleskines are not cheap. And that's the biggest hurdle why I haven't purchased one yet. But maybe, by winning this Sketchbook in the giveaway, it makes me a believer and in the future buy my own Moleskine products as I know what they offer.

Phew, hope you (readers) are convinced 'bout why I wanna try out Moleskine products. Wish me luck for the giveaway. Thanks again to Emila and CZipLee for the awesome giveaway, that made me start blogging again, so even if I don't win, at least I've posted something in 2012. Woohoo!

Over and out!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Blogger App

So I was quite surprised to see that the official Blogger iOS was just launched. I'm currently using the app to post this. I wonder if the wait has been worthwhile. Editing old posts just show html. Hmm...

Friday, September 02, 2011

Blogger new interface for iPads

testing... ipad on new blogger interface. And it works!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to stop and quit smoking? Wait, is that even possible?

I'm glad to say, yes, it is possible, and I'm the guinea pig who went through the whole process. Up until now, I am a proud non-smoker of one year and counting. So how did I do it? Well, I read a book. Yeah I know, I bet you're saying, "As if a book is gonna make me quit smoking, there are thousands of books, I've read thousand of books, yet I'm still a smoker". Well, maybe not, perhaps something like that. I tried this book and I wasn't even thinking of quitting at the time. The book I'm talking about is Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking and I assure you it works, IF you have an open mind and IF you have the slightest urge to quit smoking, which is what all smokers want to do secretly.

The book even urges you to smoke WHILE you read, and by the end of the book, you're a non-smoker. Sounds like bullshit right? Well, I was one of those smokers that tried to quit smoking only to start back in a few weeks. The more you get failed attempts the more you lose hope. I know I've been there and I'm grateful that I'm out of it, finally!

Basically, the book tells us about the smokers' addiction to nicotine, and how they are like drug addicts. The trick is to get rid of the nicotine from your body. And then, you need to change your mindset and you're done. No willpower needed and no withdrawals. Once you smoke that last cigarette, you're officially a non-smoker. Its all in the mind. Once you're in control of your mind, you can stop smoking, just like that. It worked for me and it should work for everyone.

I am now clean from cigarettes, and I reap all the benefits. Its liberating to know that I do not need a cigarette when I'm under stress, when I'm driving or even at non-smoking events. I save a LOT of money, and I feel healthier, and food tastes better. I guess, what I'm saying is, this book works and you should get it and read it and say good riddance to smoking. And nope, this is NOT a paid post.

Grab it from Amazon below, or if you want more info, check out

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