Friday, October 16, 2009

When your head goes numb

Recently, I have been having this strange feeling on my head, the feeling of your head being numb. Last week was a stressful week for me. I had so many things running in my mind, thinking about the present and the future, and eventually, my head started feeling numb, starting from the upper head to the back of head and sometimes, a part of my face gets numb. I googled this and surprisingly most people who have the same feeling of numbness comes from major stress or anxiety. I went to the doctors, and it seemed that my blood pressure is a bit high, running to regions of high blood pressure (HBP) in fact. And I thought that was it. Well, I still think its contributing to it.

I now have to go monitor my pressure every two days for six days just to make sure I don't have high blood pressure. Most have said I'm pretty young to have high blood pressure. I guess so, but what can you do if it happens right? The second reading was, thankfully, a normal reading. It was a reading below hypertension level and that made me happy. I probably don't have HBP , lets hope I don't, insyaAllah, cause I know you have to take non-stop meds for the rest of your life. The doctor gave me something for the numbness and nerves. Hope that helps enough for me to pass the HBP test.

The thing thats troubling me is that the numbness is still there, in fact, I still have it while typing this, however, I found something new thanks to Mr.G again. It seems that it has something to do with the nerves at my neck, its probably not letting blood flow freely. The person (from the solution I found) suggested this,

Just up on the meaty part of your upper shoulders, press down quite hard with your fingers and see if this numbness goes away. Don't forget to try it on both sides. Also use the flat of your fingers and press firmly up the base of your neck. If the numbness subsides, you have a neck problem. If this is the case and you can afford to go to a massage therapist please do. If you can't afford it get someone to massage your neck or put some heat on it and take a break for a bit. Be sure your pillow on your bed is a good one and craddles your neck area. If it doesn't you can buy a sponge pillow with the neck support quite cheap or you can go to a drug store and ask if they sell the sponge roll to put inside your pillow case just below your original pillow. I use the roll and find I have gotten rid of a lot of numbness and neck pain. 

And so, I did try and press down quite hard with my fingers and true enough the numbness subsided. I hope so.  Apparently, this also happens to people who twist their neck in an awkward position when asleep and thus, the blood circulation is reduced. What I need now is a good massage therapy on the back of my neck.  Would you believe that I've never went to any massage therapist? They're probably gonna have a field day considering how tense I am all the time.

On a side note, I'm really thankful that we live in the age of Internet. You can find plenty of solutions, or even if you don't, you sure as hell get closer to it.

I know this is a boring post, but it worries me to no end. Anyone ever had this kind of experience? Oh, and wish me luck.
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